Mystery Box #35

This box contains some exclusive treats for Digital artists. Mystery Boxes‘ content won’t be released anywhere else. These are unique rarities for our email subscribers.

All-Purpose Textures

Hello there! Today is Mystery Box Friday and, also Textures Friday! “What the heck is Textures Friday” you may ask? It’s a made up holiday we just came up with to celebrate our love for textures of all kinds. It’s celebrated every other whenever-you-want random Friday of any month. So, cheers! (?).

Download Period Ended

Our Mystery Boxes have a 10-day download period. Make sure you download all the goodies right after they’re unlocked so you won’t miss them out!

Remember: The Mystery Box password usage limit is generated according to the exact number of email subscribers. DO NOT share your password, otherwise you’ll be taking away the opportunity to download this Mystery Box from another member. 

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