Mystery Box #65

This box contains some exclusive treats for Affinity artists. Mystery Boxes‘ content won’t be released anywhere else. These are unique rarities for our email subscribers.

Glad to have you again!

We are thrilled to announce the start of a new Mystery Box series after a long break.

This week’s box contains a complex paper template for Affinity Photo. This template includes two infinite paper textures: Shadows and Highlights. These will work together (regardless of the size of your document) to give any artwork a more realistic paper finish.

How to use:

  • Open the Frankentoon-Canson_Paper_80g_12-template file
  • Save a copy of this file
  • From the top menu select File > Place… and import your artwork
  • Move your artwork to the bottom layer
  • Edit your canvas size to fit your art: Document > Resize Canvas…


Please be aware that our Mystery Boxes are only available for download for ten days. We recommend that you store all your goodies in a secure location before the download period expires.

Remember: The Mystery Box password usage limit is generated according to the exact number of email subscribers. DO NOT share your password, otherwise you’ll be taking away the opportunity to download this¬†Mystery Box from another member.

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