Digital Packs License

1. By acquiring our digital packs, you agree to the following terms: 

Frankentoon Packs are licensed to Single Users. As a Single User, you’re allowed to install them in up to three devices of your property. These packs cannot be shared with another user or installed on another user’s device.

You CAN use Frankentoon Digital Packs:

  • To create unlimited artworks for personal and commercial use. IE: Sellable prints, POD products, etc.
  • To create artworks for unlimited clients.
  • For any commercial purposes not described above


Purchasing a Frankentoon Digital Pack DOES NOT allow you to:

  • Rent or resell the pack in part or as a whole under any circumstances
  • Share assets with other users
  • Modify or rename digital assets for reselling purposes
  • Include our digital assets in third-party packs or bundles
  • Licenses purchased through Frankentoon Studio website cannot be transferred to other users. 


2. Frankentoon Digital Packs downloads:

Your purchased product’s downloads will remain available in your Frankentoon Studio account as long as you keep this account active. Opting-out from order confirmation emails or promotional emails will not affect your product downloads. We will do our best to maintain our website online and continuously running to have your downloads available whenever you need them.


3. Refunds Policy:

Frankentoon Digital Packs sales are final, and we reserve the right to refund them.

We DO offer refunds:

  • If you purchased the same product twice. If you placed the purchase more than 24 hours before the refund claim, we could offer an exchange. IE: Switch your duplicated purchase with another product within a similar price range.


We DO NOT offer refunds:

  • If the digital pack you purchased was not made for a particular software. Please, read the product’s description to make sure the digital pack is compatible with your software.
  • If you’re no longer using the product.


Terms of use released on February 22nd, 2021.


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