Timeless, organic effects for your modern setup

Turn Affinity Photo into a vintage post-production studio.

Inspired by 19th-century developing techniques, this practical kit of Tone Maps, Overlays and Macros, will provide you with hours of fun, mangling your pristine high-quality photos and turning them into beautiful pieces of damaged vintage art.

Develop your final images with beautiful chemical emulations

Deal with dangerous chemicals, broken surfaces, and poisonous fixers within the digital safety of Affinity Photo: mix textures and processes for infinite combinations. Add subtle vintage touches or completely destroy your images without mercy. You’re an undo away from any mistake.

Checkout some before & afters

Select and edit Tone Maps. Add, process and mask textures. Apply and adjust as many developing Macros as you wish. There are no rules or limits when using Obscura 39, let your imagination run wild!

Super fun, super easy

Original Photo

Adjust your original shot to taste.

Tone-Mapping Pass

Choose from any of the 19th-century-inspired Tone Maps. You’ll get 28 options to choose from.

Adding Overlays

Pick and combine from 30 overlays to add that extra hand-made look to your shots.

Finishing Macros

Finally, apply one (or more) out of 17 Macros on top to even out the result and have a properly finished output.

What's in the pack

  • 28 Presets for the Tone-Mapping Persona
  • 17 Finishing Macros
  • 30 Hand-made Overlays 
  • Detailed User’s Guide in PDF format


  • Affinity Photo 1.8.6+ Mac and Windows.
  • Affinity Photo 1.8+ iPad OS

Master it in minutes

Obscura No.39 includes a practical manual to show you its basic functionalities and some extra tips to get you creating outstanding grungy images in no time.