SPLAT! A complete kit of retro-flavored comic creation tools and unique effects for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Bring back the character and charm that digital coloring took away from old-school printing methods. With these amazingly easy-to-use sets of customizable presets for Affinity Photo and exclusive tools for Affinity Designer, you’ll have an entire old-school presswork studio right at your fingertips.

The beauty of low quality

There’s something about vintage comics imagery that still keeps us looking back to them up to these days. There’s a powerful kind of magic between those misaligned colors, yellowish paper tones, and grainy textures; we just can’t explain. Of course, those odd and cheesy characters were the cherry on top, making them impossible to look away from.

With Splat! For Affinity, we’ve incorporated that process into our modern digital tools, taking the tediousness of dated printing methods out of the equation and leaving the fun bits inside the pipeline.

A set of posts-processing Macros for Affinity Photo, that will help you achieve that vintage comic look in just a few minutes.

Real-time and resolution-independent procedural texturing

Misprinting effects: out-of-register colors, ink damage, aging, and old paper texturing…

Custom screening and color plates separation

Spend hours of fun within Affinity Photo, altering colors, damaging your line work, adding textures, and low-grading your clean artworks! 

Everything inside a non-destructive environment where you can go back and forth along the process to fine-tune your images until they look exactly the way you want.

Relying on Photo’s Macro technology, we’ve created a fun and organized pipeline that will take you step-by-step through the process of transforming your artwork into a rough and edgy piece of nostalgic pulp-fiction creation

Play with color plates and create instant variations.

With our non-destructive process, you’ll be able to experiment, turn effects on and off, and edit every single parameter to taste.

Messed everything up? Just delete your extra layers and run the Macros again!

Ink Damage Effects

Automatic Spot Colors

Selective Half-toning

Create hand-made looking inking works with the help of scanned liners and special effects using the flexible raster-based vector brushes engine in Affinity Designer

Add subtle imperfections to panels and speech bubbles to make them look more authentic and organic.

Save hours of your precious time using our FX brushes instead of drawing every detail by hand.

15 Splat! Color Process Macros. An entire image degrader studio for Affinity Photo. Transform your illustrations into beautiful pieces of vintage art in less than 5 minutes!

34 Raster Inking Brushes for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Save time, work smarter with this set of classic brushes, designed to ink vintage comics in no time! 

8 Vintage Papers. Drag-and-drop texture Assets (Designer and Photo).

1 Splat Color Library. Inspired by comic book colors of the ’50s and ’60s

3 Layered Demo Artworks to start trying the pack right away

20 Raster-Based Vector FX Brushes. Create amazing special effects such as explosions, space fields and speed lines in minutes, instead of hours (Designer only)

10 Raster-Based Vector Border Brushes. Distress your comic panels and dialogue balloons with a single-click (Designer only)

A whooping total of 91 creative tools for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo!

Splat! for Affinity, includes a detailed User’s Manual to get you started right away. Without this manual, our Splat! Color Process would seem as nightmarish as the real separation process. 

Also, this manual includes a quick inkers guide that will show you how to get the most out of the bonus tools contained with the pack; including inking brushes and special FX brushes.

A-ha! You still here! ...

Don’t waste another second reading stuff! Start having fun with Splat! for Affinity and all the bonus content today, for ONLY $22!