Placard Brush Pack for Affinity

Sometimes less is more. Get rid of complicated brush stacks and let your creativity flow free with this striped-down pack. Placard will let you create organic and stylish gouache-like illustrations effortlessly. Relying on the latest Affinity updated engine, this pack will give you rich dynamics and carefully crafted procedural textures, that will deliver tons of natural results without burning out your CPU.

7 Raster brushes for Designer and Photo:

  • Z Liner
  • Gouache Liner
  • Dry and Chunky
  • Curing + Bristle
  • Curing + Sponge
  • Gouache / 32
  • Noise Maker
  • Affinity Designer/Photo 1.8+ Mac, Win
  • Affinity Designer/Photo 1.8+ iOS
  • Sketching quick ideas
  • Create vintage style posters
  • Add subtle textures to your illustrations

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