Synthetic Painter for Affinity Designer

Synthetic Painter is a collection of vector-based brushes for Affinity Designer. It strikes a balance between a modern, sharp digital finish and the touch of a traditional vibe, enabling the creation of gorgeous gouache-like works of art.

Crafted from actual paint scans and painstakingly refined to perfection, Synthetic Painter will quickly become your go-to tool for adding an instant painterly feel to your vector shapes.

  • 67 Vector-based Brushes
  • 2 Seamless Paper Templates
  • 1 Seamless Canvas Template
  • 1 Color Palette 
  • 1 User’s Guide
  • Affinity Designer 1.10, V2 Mac, Win
  • Affinity Designer 1.10, V2

Creating children’s books and editorial-style illustrations.

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