Advanced Illustration Vol.1 for Affinity Designer

Get the POWERS to become the ARTIST you were born to be! Learn how to add the WOW FACTOR to all those drawings that are just collecting dust in your sketchbook!

Book Contents:

  • Inking/linework techniques using vector tools.
  • Practical color theory.
  • Coloring techniques using the cut and grad method with vectors.
  • Post-production tips. Get the most out of your work after finishing it.
  • Workflow tips and personal insights to get the work done faster.
  • 75 Pages PDF eBook
  • 10 Vector Brushes
  • 1 Assets Library (12 Assets)
  • 1 Color Palette (50+ Swatches)
  • 3 Workfiles in Affinity Designer Format
  • Affinity Designer 1.7+ Mac, Win
  • Designer 1.7+ iOS
  • Create high-quality digital inks
  • Create commercial-class comic book style coloring
  • Transform a traditional sketch into a finished full-color comic book piece

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